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Feedback from Buyers and why it is important

We live in a precarious times. We have been disconnected from each other for almost a year now due to the strange invisible virus that keeps mutating and putting us in more lock-downs. We stay in our little bubbles of only those who live in our household. The further it goes in time, the stranger it gets. At times, it feels like almost one is floating in the silent Universe in solitude. Even if you have friends or close ones to speak to on a phone - because worry is on a back of everyone's minds and one might loose the connection with what is outside of themselves and their world. And then, in the midst of it, you receive a photograph of a painting that you sold to another country, different continent a year ago, and the note that says:" We just manged to put the painting up. It looks fabulous! Thank you!!!"

And that makes you heart warm... This is what I cherish the most!!

Below is my abstract "City" that now lives in London, England:


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